The Basic knowledge of overhead transmission PART II

The Basic knowledge of overhead transmission PART II

                                 PART II

5,Suspension and tension insulator sets

It is composed of an insulator string, a suspension clamp, a tension clamp, a connecting fitting, and a protective fitting. It is used to suspend or tension the guide (ground) wire, and the string capable of withstanding the specified mechanical load and electrical load is a suspension or tensile insulator fitting string. The insulator string is a string of one or more insulator elements that can withstand the specified mechanical and electrical loads.

5.1 insulator sets

Include suspension insulator, grounding insulator, insulator strings, suspension insulator strings, tension insulator strings. 


5.2 Fittings

A fitting is an accessory that connects and combines various types of devices in a power system to transfer mechanical, electrical loads or to provide some protection. There are many kinds of gold fittings for different purposes, such as wired clips, connecting fittings, connecting fittings, and protecting fittings.


6, Earthing Device

A good electrical connection between the tower and the soil is called grounding, and a metal or metal body that is in direct contact with the soil is called a grounding body or a grounding pole. The metal wire connected between the grounding body and the tower is called a grounding wire. The grounding wire and the grounding body are collectively referred to as a grounding device. The main function of the transmission line grounding device is to discharge the lightning current, reduce the potential at the top of the tower, and protect the line insulation from breakdown. Transmission line Grounding device is divided into natural grounding (including pole tower foundation, pull wire and other direct contact with soil) and artificial grounding body (manually buried by equipment); according to different laying methods, it is divided into vertical and horizontal. The grounding devices of the transmission lines are mostly laid horizontally, and the horizontal grounding is divided into ring grounding and radial grounding. There is also a hybrid grounding that is required due to the conditions.

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