Overhead insulated conductors-covered line wire Part I

Overhead insulated conductors-covered line wire Part I

Part I

With the rapid development of the distribution network, the power supply area is covered by trees, severe corrosion, typhoon and other factors, making the reliability of the distribution network face new difficulties. Subject to one or the other threat to the distribution network in nature, thereby the split overhead insulated conductors (covered line wire) were created. Compared with traditional bare conductors, overhead insulated conductors (covered line wire) have many advantages, which can solve some of the problems encountered in the operation of traditional bare conductors, and the price is much cheaper than buried cables. Therefore, it is widely used in distribution networks


1, Main features of overhead insulated conductors

(1),Good insulation performance. Due to the extra insulation layer of the overhead insulated conductors (covered line wire), the superior insulation performance of the bare conductor can reduce the phase distance between the lines, reduce the insulation requirements of the support members of the line, and increase the number of circuits in the line on the same pole.

(2), Good corrosion resistance. Since outmost of  the overhead insulated conductors (covered line wire) is insulation layer , it is less oxidized and corroded than the bare wire, and has strong corrosion resistance, which can prolong the service life of the wire.

(3), Protection against external damage. Reduce the influence of external factors such as trees, flying metal film and dust, and reduce phase-to-phase short circuit and grounding accidents.

(4), The strength meets the requirements. Although the insulated wire is no steel core, it is tough, so that the mechanical strength of the whole conductors can meet the requirements of strength design.


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